What to Plant in the Fall for a Beautiful Spring!

Spring is when we usually think of planting new plants.  After a long harsh winter, it’s a time of new beginnings and new life and little leaves are starting to sprout out of the ground its time to figure out what you want to plant in your garden this year and get started!  However, there are a select few plants that are better suited to be planted in the fall than in the spring, let’s take a look.

Bulbs are the most known thing to plant in the fall, the bulb needs a period of cold before it will bloom in the spring months, therefore these are best planted in the fall.  Some common spring blooming bulbs include:

*Note: There are some bulbs that are better to be planted in the spring such as: Calla lilies, Canna lilies, Gladiolas and Dahlias.

Grass is something that also thrives when planted in the fall.  The weather is cooler, and you don’t have the hot sun beating down all day long.  In the fall grass can be planted either by grass seed or turf grass for a more immediate result.  If planting grass seed make sure to cover with a thin layer of compost or straw to ensure birds and critters don’t eat all your seed up.

Perennials seem to do well when planted in the fall.  When planting these in the fall make sure to keep them well watered to promote new root growth before the ground freezes for the winter. It is also a good idea to protect the roots a little by putting in a 3” layer of leaves or mulch around the base of the plant for the winter.  Fall is also a great time to divide and replant existing perennials you might have such as Hosta and Astilbe. Whatever you decide to do in the fall with existing or new Perennials however will ensure some beautiful new foliage in your garden next spring.

Trees and Shrubs are another one to plant in the fall.  The soil is still warm as it hasn’t frosted yet, and the sun isn’t as strong anymore which can hurt the new leaves.  Again, make sure to water the newly planted trees or shrubs generously before it freezes to promote new root growth while it still can.

Pansies and Violas work well when planted in the fall, and you will probably even get two seasons out of them.  Enjoy them when you plant them in the fall, and then again next spring when they come back to life. To help them survive the winter plant a thick layer of mulch around the base to prevent the freezing and thawing from heaving the root system out of the ground.


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