Gardening Supplies

Our selection of Gardening Supplies has everything you need to make your garden bloom. We use our professional experience and expert knowledge of the local environment to put together collections that are durable and feature something for everyone. From new gardeners to seasoned DIY-ers, we have something for you.

Hand tools, fertilizer, glove, and other gardening supplies at Kalleco Nursery, Ulster County Garden Center


Every garden starts with a seed. And sometimes, those seeds need a little help, which is why we also carry starter kits, organic fertilizer, and more.

Seeds • Seed Starter Kits • Fertilizer • Garden Stakes • Landscape Fabric


We sell the tools we use, so you can garden and work in your yard like a pro.

Rakes • Shovels • Trowels • Hoes • Hose Accessories • Bulbers • Trimmers and Clippers


Whether you need gloves to protect your hands or bug spray to keep away the mosquitos and ticks, our garden accessories can make gardening easier on you and your body.

Gardening Gloves • Gardening Bags • Knee Pads • Organic Bug Spray

Wildlife and Pollinators

Are you a bird lover? Passionate about supporting your local bee population? We keep our shop stocked with what you need to make your garden a haven for the animals and insects that support our ecosystem. Plus, we offer some deterrents for the critters you might be trying to keep out.

Bird Seed • Bird Feeders • Beneficial Bug Houses • Bat Houses • Deer Fencing