Gardening Supplies

Our landscape and garden supply department has everything you need to get your outdoor space in tip-top shape. Our green industry expertise informs our selection, from professional-grade hand tools to the best soils and fertilizers.

Pots & Planters

Whether you're repotting a beloved indoor plant or setting up a container garden on your patio, we've got the planter for you! Check out our whiskey barrel planters for that perfect rustic touch. Go for something versatile and durable with recycled plastic planters by ArtStone. Or stick to the classics, with ceramic pottery by Jackson, Scheurich, and more. Just need the basics? We've got standard terracotta pots too! Keep them all mobile with our rolling plant caddies!

Tools & Equipment

Pruners, shovels, rakes, and more from brands like Felco, Bully, and Lenox. Hoses in bright, easy-to-spot colors with a variety of nozzles for every task. Tomato stakes in fun friendly colors too!

KNC Colored Hoses
Soil Amendments at Kalleco Nursery

Amendments + Fertilizer

Everything you need to give your garden a boost! From household names like Plant-Tone to basics like worm castings and liquid plant food.

Soil, Mulch, Compost +

A wide variety of garden soil, compost, and mulch are available in convenient bags.

Standard Potting Soil - 40lb Bag
Standard Topsoil - 40lb Bag
Potting Mix + Plant Food - 1cf Bag
Organic All-Purpose Garden Soil - 1.5cf Bag
Organic Potting Mis - 1cf Bag
Organic Composted Cow Manure - .75cf Bag
Organic Cow Manure Compost - 40lb Bag
Organic Mushroom Compost - .75cf Bag

Organic potting mix, peatmoss, mulch, topsoil, compost at Kalleco Nursery, Ulster County Plant nursery.

Natural Brown - 2cf Bag
Dyed Black - 2cf Bag
Dyed Red - 2cf Bag
Mini Pine Bark Nuggets - 2 cf Bag
Sphagnum Peatmoss - 3.8cf Bag

Looking for a large quantity? Check out our bulk selection!