Unique locally made gifts for gardeners at Kalleco Nursery Corp. Ulster County Plant Nursery
Indoor Plants

Indoor plants go above and beyond pretty. Filling your home with indoor plants like succulents can improve air quality, reduce ambient noise, and even help improve your mood during the winter! Our garden center is home to a variety of inside favorites as well as unique containers for your new plant friend.

Succulents • Pothos • Jade Plants • Small Trees


Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, or just-because, gifts are the best when they’re picked up locally! Along with our indoor plants and seasonal gifts, we also have year-round favorites like our locally made soy candles.

Handmade Candles • Figurines • Lanterns and Candle Covers • Baskets and Unique Containers

Seasonal Decor

We carry seasonally festive decor for every season! Check out perfectly autumnal wreaths in September, or our curated selection of tree ornaments come December.

Fall Wreaths and Decorations • Christmas Ornaments • Lights