Bulk Material

In the rear of our property, you'll find our bulk material selection. We carry gardening basics like organic, locally sourced topsoil and compost, or natural brown mulch. We also stock construction and hardscape necessities like Item 4, 3/4" drain stone, pea gravel, chip, and river rock. Our staff can load you up in no time and you'll be on your way! Or skip the trip and schedule a delivery. Either way, just get in touch!

Kalleco Nursery Corp. Material Delivery Liability Waiver
Material shall be delivered on the date agreed upon with the customer unless otherwise communicated. Material will be delivered and deposited in a location determined on-site or in advance with the customer. The customer agrees to inform Kalleco Nursery Corp. staff in advance of any existing damaged or difficult to traverse areas in driveway or any space where a Kalleco Nursery Corp. truck may be. The delivery driver reserves the right to select a deposit location if a location is not agreed upon in advance. The delivery driver also reserves the right to select a new deposit location on-site should the agreed-upon location be deemed unacceptable due to lack of access, fear of causing property damage, or for any other reason.

Kalleco Nursery Corp. is not held responsible for any and all property damage incurred during delivery. The customer agrees to release Kalleco Nursery Corp. from any liability in the event of damage caused to walkways, driveways, hardscaped surfaces, pipes, lawns and planting areas, underground utilities/structures, or any other unseen structures when depositing material outside of agreed-upon or driver selected areas. The customer accepts responsibility for any fees associated with towing and/or removing of Kalleco Nursery Equipment equipment/vehicles from property associated with this delivery if in any area outside of agreed-upon or driver selected areas.