Multi-Seasonal Interest Plants

When planting a garden its usually a good idea to think about the lifespan of the plants you choose, you wouldn’t want to plant a garden full of flowers that bloom early in the spring and then die before summer, leaving your garden brown and barren the rest of the year.  Plant a variety of plants that will all bloom at different times to keep your garden looking fresh all year long.  One trick to help achieve this as well is to plant multi-seasonal interest plants. Lets take a look at what some of those are:


Of course its in the name, evergreens will stay green and keep their leaves all year long so even in the cold winter months and when snow falls, they will still have foliage on them.  Some good examples of evergreens are: Pine Trees, Fir Trees, Spruce Trees, Arborvitae Bushes, Juniper Trees and Boxwood Bushes.

Evergreen Bushes are also great options:

Azalea – Produces beautiful flowers in the summer and spring and then keeps its green leaves in the winter.

Holly – Produce beautiful red berries in the winter and keep their green leaves.

Winter Berry – This will lose its leaves in the late fall, but keeps its bright red berries, making it a beautiful plant around Christmas time.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea  In the late summer the flowers will dry up but keep their beautiful look, and in the fall the foliage will turn a beautiful orange/red color too.

Mountain Laurel – Have large flower clusters in the spring and summer but keep their leaves in the winter.

Rhododendron – Produces beautiful flowers in the summer and spring and then keeps its green leaves in the winter.

Other plants that will look good for multiple seasons:

Henry Lauder Walking StickIn the spring and summer this shrub will be covered in green leaves, in the fall it will loose its leaves with the rest of the deciduous trees.  The difference is that this Walking Stick will be left with a sculptural array of branches.

Russian Sage – Will have beautiful purple blooms late into the fall, sometimes even until the first frost.

Sedum – Is also usually good until the first frost, and often will grow its flowers in late summer and early fall.

So, however you decide to plant your garden, you can always count on these plants to show you their beauty for longer periods of time. If you have any plant or garden related questions feel free to give Kalleco Nursery a call, or stop by and our friendly staff will be happy to help you out!