Indoor Plants


Looking to bring a little green inside? We can help! Our rotating selection of indoor plants features plenty of low-maintenance favorites. Trendy monstera, and ficus can be found alongside classics like ivy, pothos, and snake plants! Not to mention succulents. Ask about purchasing a pot too!

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera) • Lady Palm (Rhapis) • Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) • Paperplant (Japonica) • Inch Plant • Ivy  • Pothos • Fig Tree (Ficus) • Calathea • Dragon Tree • Aglaonema • Succulents • Red Alaonema • Philodendran 'Birkin' • Zebra Plant • Rubber Plant • Dumb Cane • Ti Plant • Corn Plant • Ferns • Spider Plant • Snake Plant • Arrowhead Plant + Many More!