Indoor Plants

Indoor plants like Monstera, Ivy, Snake PLants, air plants, and dragon trees at Kalleco Nursery Corp.

Looking to bring a little green inside? We can help! Our rotating selection of indoor plants features plenty of low-maintenance favorites. Trendy monstera, ZZ plant, and ficus can be found alongside classics like ivy, pothos, and snake plants! Not to mention succulents, sold alone or in small succulent gardens. Ask about purchasing a pot too!

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera) • Lady Palm (Rhapis) • Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) • Paperplant (Japonica) • Inch Plant • Ivy • Croton Plant • Umbrella Tree (Aboricola) • Pothos • Fig Tree (Ficus) • Calathea • Dragon Tree • Aglaonema • Cactus • Succulents • Air Plants • + Many More!