Meet the Team

KNC Team Page Helen

Helen, Nursery Manager
Helen joined the Kalleco team in 2020. She brings a wealth of knowledge about plants, gardening, and landscape care built over years of hands-in-the-soil industry experience. Her passion for native plants that support our local environment informs our selection. When she's not at the shop, she enjoys spending time with her daughter.

KNC Team Page Maureen

Maureen, Florist
Maureen has been a florist in the Hudson Valley for years. From wrapped bouquets to event design for weddings and other special occasions, she does it all! Her love for the natural world makes her a brilliant floral designer as well as an avid hiker. And if you're ever looking for a quick mood booster, just stop by and chat with Maureen - she's sure to make your day a little brighter!

Check out her floral work right here.

KNC Meet the Team Kara

Kara, Nursery Assistant
Kara's passion for plants began with indoor plants, to which she says her house is now overrun with.  Over time she has picked up many tips and tricks of the plant world from her grandfather, and she now grows a veggie and flower garden of her own as well. Kara loves to watch plants grow/bloom and is excited to share her knowledge with others.  When not tending to flowers in the nursery, Kara loves to sew, bake, spend time with friends and even go camping.

KNC Team Page Julia

Julia, Assistant Nursery Manager
Julia is our trusted nursery associate. Self-taught in the green industry, her can-do attitude and passion for learning about plants make her an essential part of our team. And she's always ready with a smile and advice! Outside of work, Julia has two beloved pups and loves to spend time outdoors with them.

KNC Team Page Kayla

Kayla, Nursery Assistant
Kayla is one of the newest additions to the Kalleco team, and we are excited to have her! Previously Kayla worked for her families landscape company where she learned a wealth of plant knowledge from her mother. Now she is excited to bring that knowledge to Kalleco and share it with the community.  When not tending to the plants, Kayla loves working as a local photography and spending time with her beloved dog.