Meet the Plant People – Ally

This is Ally! If you’ve been to Kalleco in the past year, we’re sure you’ll remember her. From her ever-present smile to her serious landscaping know-how, she’s hard to forget!

Ally hails from Long Island originally. In 2010, she migrated to the Hudson Valley in search of open spaces and found them! She has a degree in equine sciences, fitting for an animal lover like her. When asked what her favorite animal is, she replied “Domestic, or wild?” She can’t decide, but it might be her horse, Rose, or her dog, Dahlia.

Speaking of roses and dahlias, those are some of Ally’s favorites! Her roots in the green industry run deep; she spent six years learning the landscaping ropes in Poughkeepsie before joining the Kalleco team in May of 2017. She has a passion for perennials and all things that flower. Along with helping out at the nursery, she’s also our go-to on-site planting consultant. Ask her about container gardening, and you’ll have made her day! Aside from the pretty flowers, her favorite things about working at Kalleco are pretty simple: she loves the people and the space! “And all the cute little critters that come visit me during the day,” she adds, referring to the plethora of birds, woodland mammals, and frogs and turtles that stop in to say hi at our garden center.

When Ally’s not advising on garden design or keeping things running smoothly at the nursery, you’ll probably find her outdoors. Hiking with Dahlia, hanging out at the ranch with Rose, or just enjoying an evening in nearby Rosendale are a few of her favorite ways to spend her free time. If you see here at the nursery, say hello! She’s always ready with a smile and some friendly advice.