Rose Bush – Plant Profile

Common Rose Bush Varieties: “Ballerina”; “Bonica”; “Knockout”.

kalleco nursery rose bushes-2

Description: Rose bushes are hardy, deciduous shrubs that feature iconic roses throughout the year. Blooming from early spring until late fall, they have a long bloom period making them ideal for year round interest.

Their flowers come a huge array of colors, but most commonly shades of white, pink, and red. The flowers form tightly wound buds and slowly unfold to reveal a yellow center. Rose bush foliage is usually olive green and often mottled with red. The stems are covered in sharp thorns. Their stem color can vary from dark red to bright green.

Rose bushes are not to be confused with other rose varieties, like tea roses; they grow with dense foliage and woody stems.

Planting and Growth: Rose bushes thrive when planted in spring, at least six weeks after the last frost. Incorporating compost or fertilizer into the soil at planting will help the bush get established. They need at least six hours of full sun a day, so choose the location accordingly. As with any new shrub, water daily until established (about 3-4 weeks). If desired, shrub roses do very well in containers, but should be in the ground before winter.

Rose shrubs are fast growing, but their habit varies with variety. Most rose shrubs have a mounding tendency, and can reach 7’ in height without pruning. Most will reach 4’-5’ in height. These shrubs should be pruned regularly to maintain shape and remove dead material.

Flowers will appear about six weeks after the first frost, and continue to bloom throughout the summer and well into the fall. If desired, past blooms can be removed for aesthetics as well as health.

Complements: Nursery Manager Meghan suggests planting them with other sun loving-plants featuring golds, blues, and purple to accent the brilliant flower colors. Try Salvia, Lavender, or Rudbeckia.

Due to their sturdy root systems, rose bushes are also useful in reinforcing slopes. Plant them on steep banks or slipping grades to prevent erosion!

Special Features: Color; Disease-Resistant; Long Blooming Period; Hardy; Low Maintenance; Fall Interest; Fast Growing;  Attracts Pollinators; Fragrant

Similar Plants: Tea Roses, Hybrid Roses.